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Q  What is a new media production?
A  A new media production is a multimedia or video show created for CD-ROM or DVD which can be used for marketing, sales, speaker support, training and web sites.

Q  I am a keynote speaker and would like to add some visuals to enhance my message. Where do I begin and how do I develop a presentation ?
A  In our first meeting, we will discuss your presentation as it is now, your target market, objectives and end goals and then proceed to plan and produce your show.  We combine the best in graphics, digital photography, copy, animation and video (optional). The result is a dynamic combination that your audience will remember.

Q  I would love to do a more professional marketing & sales presentation. However, I am nervous that my laptop 
or data projector may fail in front of a large crowd ? 
A  When you are doing a first rate presentation, it is important to be at ease with the technology. We suggest your own video data projector and laptop, with lots of time for rehearsals. We provide hands on help as needed, so you can relax and enjoy!

Q  How much does a multimedia or video production cost approximately?
A  Naturally that would depend on the type of production. Our average multimedia production on CD-ROM is between $5,000 and $10,000. Our videos with digital editing run from $1,000 to $1,500 per minute, and less for 'real time' documentation. DVDs are the preferred final result for video. However, each project is unique and we work within your budget. A successful show can be multi-purpose, from speaker support to video to your web site. Corporate videos are also used for trade shows. 

Q  Do you produce corporate videos ?
A  Yes, Multimediate has great expertise in video. (DVD Power & Portfolio) We shoot digital video for corporate, education and training with any graphics and digital effects desired in post production.

Q  We are a financial company and are doing our own in-house multimedia presentations now, but they don't look professional enough.  How can you help us? 
A  We will evaluate your existing presentations first and make suggestions. Your multimedia presentations are used to provide information to your clients as well as visually show them their investment results. For someone with no graphic or technical background, the task of creating a first rate presentation can be very frustrating. We have clients like you who have decided to outsource the job. They provide the copy and we take the project through the stages with a custom template to the end product. Depending on your budget and goals, we can add sound and video clips to your show for extra impact. 

Q  We are a high-tech electronics company and would like to enhance our existing web site. Please take a look at 
our site and give us some suggestions.  Do you do web sites ?
A  Yes we do web sites. Your site looks good and is well organized. The company information is well presented to showcase your products and services. We develop and design web sites with special features such as Flash, animation, interactivity, sound and video. Your customers will stay on your site longer and you will have more return visits. 

Q  Our company has a large sales force and we want to be sure our product information and company policies are
always consistent for every customer. Do you produce presentations and videos specifically used for training? 
A  We do both multimedia presentations and videos that are used for training your sales representatives. Your company will be able to use presentations for training one to one or with a video data projector for large groups. Videos for training are a very powerful tool and provide a break if the workshop is lengthy. They can promote your company's image and feature new product lines for trade shows via DVD. Modified versions can also be used on your web site.

If you have any questions on multimedia and video productions, e-mail Multimediate or call (705)743-3044